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  Father: 956 Henry (Light-Horse Harry) Lee   Mother: 957 Ann Hill Carter (Nancy) Lee  
  958 Robert Edward (U S Civil War) Lee (1807-1870) Tree View

He was born on 19 JAN 1807 in Stratford
He died on 12 OCT 1870 in Lexington
He was buried in 1870 in Lee college chapel, Washington and Lee University
He was buried in 1883 in The Lee family crypt
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My marriage = 314
959 Mary Anne Randolph Custis Lee
172 They were married on 30 JUN 1831 in Arlington House
Child = 1160 George Washington Custis (Boo) Lee
Child = 1161 Mary Custis Lee
Child = 1162 William Henry Fitzhugh (Rooney) Lee
Child = 1163 Anne Carter (Annie) Lee
Child = 1164 Anges Lee
Child = 1165 Robert Edward II (Rob) Lee
Child = 1166 Mildred Lee