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  Father: 1699 Charles Carter   Mother: 1700 Ann Butler Moore Carter  
  957 Ann Hill Carter (Nancy) Lee (1773-1829) Tree View

She was born on 26 Mar 1773 in Shirley Plantation, Charles City County, Virginia
She died on 26 JUL 1829 in Ravensworth, Virginia
She was buried in 1829 in Lee Chapel Museum, Lexington, Lexington City, Virginia
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My marriage = 313
956 Henry (Light-Horse Harry) Lee
171 They were married on 18 Jun 1793 in Shirley, Richmond, Virginia
Child = 958 Robert Edward (U S Civil War) Lee
Child = 1155 Algernon Sidney Lee
Child = 1156 Charles Carter Lee
Child = 1157 Anne Kinloch Lee Marshall
Child = 1158 Sydney Smith Lee
Child = 1159 Catherine Mildred Lee Childe