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  Father: 303 Claude Ebbin DeShazo   Mother: 302 Macy Loretta Phenicie DeShazo  
  304 David Lee DeShazo (1956-1997) Tree View
He was born on 20 SEP 1956 in Saint Petersburg, Pinellas County, Florida
He died on 18 Dec 1997 in San Bernardino County, California
He was buried in Mt. View Mortuary & Cemetery, San Bernardino County, California
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My marriage = 105
307 Julie Morris DeShazo
73 They were married on 14 FEB in Unknown
Child = 308 David Ebbin DeShazo
Child = 309 Robert Eugene DeShazo
Child = 310 Elecktra Lee DeShazo
Child = 311 Thomas Emmitt Stephen DeShazo

My marriage = 106
312 Sue Sparks DeShazo
74 They were married on in Unknown