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  Father: 40 Nathan Hoyt   Mother: 41 Lucretia Stevenson Hoyt  
  29 James Nathan Hoyt (1824-1911) Tree View

He was born on 20 MAY 1824 in Mareau, Saratoga, New York
He moved to St Joseph, Champaign, Illinois in Dec 1847
He died on 8 Aug 1911 in Fiat, Paw Paw Township, Elk County, Kansas
He was buried in Mt Olive, Mayview, Champaign, Illinois
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My marriage = 15
30 Sarah Hoss (Aunt Sally) Hoyt
13 They were married on Apr 5 1849 (or Mar 5, 1849) in Champaign County, Illinois
Child = 23 Norman Christopher (Norm) Hoyt
Child = 410 George Nathan Nathanron Hoyt