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  Father: 2805 Thomas Ewing   Mother: 2806 Maria Wills Boyle Ewing  
  2803 Eleanor (Ellen) Boyle Ewing Sherman (1824-1888) Tree View

She was born on 04 Oct 1824 in Lancaster, Fairfield, Ohio
She died on 28 NOV 1888 in Unknown
She was buried in Calvary Cemetery and Mausoleum, Saint Louis, St. Louis City, Missouri
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My marriage = 985
2795 William Tecumseh Sherman
493 They were married on 1 MAY 1850 in Washington DC
Child = 2804 Maria Ewing 'Minnie' Sherman Fitch
Child = 2811 Mary Elizabeth (Lizzie) Sherman
Child = 2812 Rachel Ewing Sherman Thorndike
Child = 2813 William Tecumseh 'Willie' Sherman
Child = 2814 Philemon Tecumseh (Cump) Sherman
Child = 2815 Thomas Ewing Sherman