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  Father: 83 Anson James Hoyt   Mother: 255 Rosa Mae Sinkes Hoyt  
  256 Rollie S. Hoyt (1912-2001) Tree View

He was born on 12 DEC 1912 in St Joseph, Champaign, Illinois
He died on 4 NOV 2001 in Bakersfield, California
He had a funeral on 10 NOV 2001 in Pleasant View Ch of Christ, Cassopolis, Michigan
He was buried on 10 NOV 2001 in Mission Hills Memorial Gardens, Niles, Cass County, Michigan

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My marriage = 87
263 Naomi Alice Phillips Hoyt
55 They were married on 17 JUN 1938 in Unknown
Child = 264 Loural Anita Hoyt (Lou Ann) Gelock
Child = 265 Richard Phillip (Rick) Hoyt