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  Father: 2653 Samuel Emory Davis   Mother: 3089 Jane Simpson Cook Davis  
  2208 Jefferson Finis Davis (1808-1889) Tree View
He was born on 3 JUN 1808 in Fairview, Christian County, Kentucky
He died on 6 DEC 1889 in Unknown
He was buried on 11 DEC 1889 in Army of Northern Virginia tomb at Metarie
He was buried in Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond, Virginia
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My marriage = 762
1974 Sarah Knox (Knoxie) Taylor Davis
347 They were married on 17 JUN 1835 in Beechland

My marriage = 921
2652 Varina Howell Davis
460 They were married on 26 FEB 1845 in Briers
Child = 2658 Samuel Emory Davis
Child = 2659 Joseph Evan Davis