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  Father: 2612 William Bassett   Mother: 2613 Elizabeth Churchhill Harrison  
  1935 Elizabeth Bassett Harrison (1730-1792) Tree View
She was born on 13 Dec 1730 in Eltham, New Kent County, Virginia
She died on 24 Apr 1792 in Berkeley, Charles City County, Virginia
She was buried in Berkeley Plantation Graveyard, Charles City, Charles City County, Virginia
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My marriage = 673
1934 Benjamin (the Signer) Harrison
Child = 1795 William Henry Harrison
Child = 1936 Elizabeth Harrison Rickman Edmondson
Child = 1937 Ann Bassett Harrison Coupland
Child = 1938 Benjamin Bassett
Child = 1939 Lucy Bassett Harrison Randolph Singleton
Child = 1940 Carter Bassett Harrison
Child = 1941 Sarah Bassett