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  Father: 1926 John Scott Harrison   Mother: 1933 Elizabeth Ramsey Irwin Harrison  
  1920 Benjamin (president of USA) Harrison (1833-1901) Tree View

He was born on 20 AUG 1833 in North Bend, Ohio
He died on 13 MAR 1901 in Indianapolis, Indiana
He was buried in Crown Hill Cem., Indianapolis, Indiana
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My marriage = 674
1942 Caroline Lavinia (Carrie) Scott Harrison
316 They were married on 20 OCT 1853 in Oxford, Ohio
Child = 1943 Russell Benjamin Harrison
Child = 1944 Mary Scott (Mamey) Harrison McKee
Child = 1945 (Unknown) Harrison

My marriage = 675
1946 Mary Scott Dimmick Lord Harrison
317 They were married on 6 APR 1896 in St Thomas Church, New York City, New York
Child = 1947 Elizabeth Harrison