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  Father: 2962 Moses Kirby   Mother: 2963 Rachel Corray Kirby  
  1723 Julia Ann Kirby Clements (1835-1925) Tree View

She was born on 5 APR 1835 in Champaign, Illinois
She was born in log cabin on the grounds of Blackberry School, NE of Urbana
She died on 30 MAY 1925 in Unknown
She was buried in Clements Cemetery, Urbana, Champaign County, Illinois
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My marriage = 588
1997 William J Clements
272 They were married on 20 MAR 1853 in Champaign County, Illinois
Child = 38 Julia Etta Clements Appling Hoyt
Child = 1998 Elmer Clements
Child = 1999 Enoch Clements
Child = 2000 Jennie Sovina (Aunt Daught) Clements
Child = 2001 Mary (Aunt Mate) Clements

My marriage = 1047
2951 William Kirby
548 They were married on in Unknown