Wolf Family
Andrew Noah, Henry, Frank, John J, Edward, Molly Wolf Wenning, "Lizzie" Wolf Haub, Katy Wolf Kuntzman
Wolf Family
Andrew, Henry, Frank, John, Edward.
Mary, Elizabeth, Katherine Wolf
Wolf Family
Andrew, Henry, Paul Wenning, Edward Kunzman, Frank, John, Edward. Elizabeth, Eva Kost, Mary, Katherine, Alice Thomas, Jennie Martin, Susie Herthel 1930's. Missing: Emma Hartman and John Haub (desceased)
  Andrew Noah Wolf's Family
Andrew Noah Wolf’s Family
Shoukry Wedding
Zaher Shoukry and Ruth Wolfe Wedding

The Wolfe Kids
Allen, Kathy, Jimmy, Rex Wolfe
Central Barren
Central Barren Cemetery
William Wolf
William and Mary C Wolf Gravestone
George Wolf
George Wolf Gravestone
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