Hoyt Family Roots

On Jan 20, 1590 Simon Hoyt was born in England. He married Deborah Stevens [or Stoodley] who was born May 1, 1593. She died in 1625. Simon came to America in 1628 or 1629, aboard the "Abigail" or "The Lyon's Whelp" ship.

Their son as Walter Hoyt, born on June 9, 1616 in Upway, England. He was married to Rhoda Taylor. Walter died in Fairfield, Conn.

Their son was Zerubabel Hoyt, born in 1652 in Norwalk, Conn. Zerubabel was married to Hannah Knapp who was born on March 6, 1643. She died on June 4, 1696. He died in 1730.

Their son was Daniel Hoyt born in Norwalk, Connecticut on Jan 1, 1681. He died on Aug 13, 1764 in Norwalk, Connecticut ripFind a Grave

He married Elizabeth Keeler who was born on March 19, 1678. Her parents were John Keeler ripFind a Grave and Mehitable Rockwell ripFind a Grave

Their son was Nathan Hoyt born on April 29, 1718 in Norwalk, Conn.  He served in the Revolutionary War as "Inspector of Provisions" in 1780. He died on Oct 21, 1799.ripFind a Grave

He married Elizabeth Lockwood. She was born May 23, 1721 in Norwalk, Fairfield County, Connecticut.  She died on Feb 22, 1783 in Norwalk, Fairfield County, Connecticut.ripFind a Grave

Nathan Hoyt
Nathan Hoyt gravestone
Elizabeth Lockwood Hoyt
Elizabeth Lockwood Hoyt gravestone
Job Hoyt 
Job Hoyt gravestone

Their son was Job Hoyt, born Sept. 3, 1765 in Norwalk, Conn. ripFind a Grave

His wife was Anna Raymond, born on Nov. 8, 1767. ripFind a Grave Her parents were Nathaniel Raymond and Rebecca Benedict.

Their son was Nathan Hoyt, born on March 2, 1788 in Conn. His wife was Lucretia Stevenson, whom he married on Sept. 19, 1818. He died in June 1864 in Warrenville, Ill.

Their son was James Nathan Hoyt, born May 20, 1824 in Saratoga County, Mareau, N. Y. He died on Aug. 8, 1911 in Fiat, Kansas. ripFind a Grave

He married Sarah Hoss on Sept. 5, 1849. She was born on Jan. 1, 1825 in Brown Co. Ohio. Sarah died on March 24, 1905 in St. Joseph, Ill. She is buried in Mt. Olive Cemetery, Mayview, Ill. ripFind a Grave Sarah’s parents were Daniel Hoss born in Lincoln Co., N. Carolina and Catherine Bartley

In the 1830 Census from Ohio, Catherine Bartley Hoss was between 30 - 40 years old. She had a boy under 5, a boy between 5 and 10, a girl between 5 and 10 and a girl between 10 and 15. She had five slaves. (Urbana Public Library, Urbana, Ill.)

According to James Christopher (Jim) Hoyt (1911-1994), when he attended a Hoss reunion, he learned that Catherine Barclay Hoss came to Champaign County, Ill, in 1836 with three children. They were Sarah, Christopher and John. They settled on the east bank of the Salt Fork Creek. This later became St. Joseph, Ill. when the railroad went thru from Pekin, Illinois to Indianapolis in 1869. She was considered to be the first settler of St. Joseph. Jim thinks she is not buried at Mount Olive but possibly at the farm.

Her son, Christopher Hoss, died on March 17, 1872. ripFind a Grave He was married to Cyrena Hayden Hoss. ripFind a Grave

John Hoss, according to family stories, went to California in the Goldrush of 1849. He died young. His watch was returned to his mother, Catherine Hoss.

His older daughter, Ann Hoss, married Thomas Losey and died in St. Joseph. They had no children.

James Nathan Hoyt and his wife, Sarah Hoss Hoyt’s first son was George. He married a woman named Martha. They lived most of their lives in Elk Co., Kansas. Their three children were Lucretia, Walter and John.

James Nathan Hoyt and Sarah Hoss Hoyt’s second son was Norman Christopher Hoyt, whose Family Tree this is about.

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